Sales Quotes are generally derived from a master cost-sheet that has many variables and inter-linked formulae. This is usually an excel sheet that links to other excel sheets or input cells and the methodology is kept confidential.

The problem with this method is that it is dependent on a few persons who are completely familiar with the excel sheet and its calculations. When there is a handover or when the team size grows, the knowledge is lost and errors creep in un-noticed.

SARCI SCM-Drills converts the intelligence gathered in Excel Sheets, ERP Systems, Financial Statements into an automation engine that can be used by anyone in the sales team without compromising on the confidentiality. It benefits the organization by helping scale out the sales team, the processes involved and reduces errors.

Given below is an Example of the parameters being captured for deriving the sales quote.


  • Customized per client requirement
  • Automates the data gathering process
  • Generates summary quote hiding all details
  • Security-based access to excel sheets with source calculations
  • Pre-Configured Checkpoints for Approvals
  • Built-in Validations where data is changing
  • Version Comparison of Quotes

Use Case

  • Contract Manufacturing Quotes
  • Custom Service Order Quotes
  • Project Consultancy Quotes
  • Risk & Liability Quotes

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