SARCI FIN-Drills Solutions provide the path towards a continuous update, reconciliation & reporting of financial & accounting activities. It is an essential part of firms who are looking to modernize the accounting function for higher productivity and reliability, free from manual, error-prone practices.

Data sources can include invoices, sale orders, bank statements, employee records, expense records, statutory filings, multiple payment cards and so on. These can be pulled in the form of scanned paper, web portals, excel, erp platforms.

The data is used by FIN-Drills using a rules engine & works with configurable accounting standards providing a financial & accounting process workflow that involves the specific stakeholders for each stage.

Available in consultation with our Partner CA & ICS Firms


  • Accounting Rules Built-in
  • Company Law Compliance
  • Taxation & Filings
  • Periodic check lists
  • Internal Controls
  • Verifications
  • Audit Closure
  • Balance Sheet Integrity
  • Multi-Company Rollup

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