SARCI SCM-Drills for the Procurement cycle starting from automating the scrubbing activities that convert customer needs to internal manufacturing or trading terms, sourcing of vendor quotes via automated emails / portal updating and finally the analysis of received quotes with comparisons based on lot-sizes, costs and a host of other factors.

The procurement comparison output thus generated acts as the input to the next phase of sales quotes where the final consolidation takes place. In most companies, this cycle becomes a repetitive activity thus lending itself naturally to automation.

The automation benefits are manifold, directly impacting the turnaround cycle in responding to Request-for-Quotation (RFQ), and at the same time, reliably keeping track of changes, checkpoints and validations.

Given below is an Example for a Contract Manufacturing Sourcing based on the Bill-of-Material.


  • Single, multi-level, where-used, and consolidated (flattened) BOMs
  • BOM Scrubbing Process & conversion to internal formats
  • Automated Forex Conversions
  • Lot-Size Comparisons
  • Linkage with Inventory, Production Plans
  • Checking for obsolete parts
  • Supplier Evaluation based on past records
  • Pre-Configured Checkpoints for Approvals
  • Built-in Validations where data is changing
  • Version Comparison of Quotes

Use Case

  • Electronics BOM Sourcing
  • Textiles Raw Material Sourcing
  • Construction Sourcing
  • Mass Manufacturing

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