Keeping things simple is the motto and the approach to work.

The combination of people, process and innovation have been of critical importance in our growth. We continuously look for ways to efficiently deliver and back our team to execute. From ensuring that our people have multiple perspectives of client requirements, to the adoption of agile practices & supporting tools, we are uniquely positioned to deliver consistently over long periods of time.

These practices result in what we call as a 80:10:10 rule where 80% of time goes into one’s own project delivery, 10% in supporting the work of other team members and 10% in self-improvement areas. This time split is usually across an extended period and the focus is on a more holistic work perspective.

The designations, and organization structure is flat, network style of working which will require changing roles as the situation demands. For the individual looking for an open & trusting work environment to support their well-thought ideas, there is no limit to the growth possibilities.

We are always on the lookout for really talented people to share our journey. Following positions are open. If you or anyone that you know fits the requirements, do send the resumes to info @

Take delight in talking to people, finding process problems, explore & implement resolutions. The entire job of a Process Analyst is multidisciplinary and challenging. The person must have knowledge of process mapping, business eco-system and finance. Additionally, there must be awareness of how ERP, CRM, BI, and BPM tools operate. Understanding of industry-specific technical terms, functional areas is a great advantage.

Candidates with degrees in Business Studies, Statistics, Planning, IT/CSE, Finance streams with practical experience in tools like Data Science Tools, MS-Office, User-Testing would be preferred. Interest in areas like Lean Methods, Supply-Chain would be a plus. Openings available at all levels.

Put your mind to resolve real-life problems in effective ways. Full-stack solutions ranging from creating mini-frameworks, implementing data & mathematical models and designing a good user interface are part of the job. Additionally, there must be ability to recognizepatterns when implementing different process and an ability to abstract the program design.

Candidates with degrees in IT/CSE, Mechanical, Production, Statistics, Mathematics with practical experience in technologies like Python, SQL, UiPath, AngularJS would be preferred. Experience in areas like Machine Learning, Operations Research would be a plus. Openings available at all levels.

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