Getting Started on a Business Process Automation Project

Every day, employees schedule appointments, request approvals, revise documents, route information, and look for status updates. In many businesses, people still perform these actions manually. What happens if the sales team changes the prices and they don’t update the document you’re quoting from? Inefficiencies like these can cost your company money because they are error-prone and difficult to monitor.

With the objective of automating as many manual processes as possible, businesses are turning to the principles of BPA to foster improvement. Each industry has different BPA needs, but BPA can improve every industry.

As a BPA consulting and implementation partner for more than 5+ years across 10+ industries and covering most job functions, our consultants follow a simple 4-step execution strategy to ensure maximum benefits of automation is obtained. It is guaranteed to achieve self-funding business improvement within months -start-to-finish.


Process Analysis

Effective automation is as much about good business process design as is it is about the robotics.

Given both transactional & decision needs in any process, some quick automation wins are easily done on the transactional part which is more time-consuming repetitive task.



Quantify the benefits, and implementation work plan. Provide outline that delivers the most benefits for the associated fee.

Obtain commitment from senior executives capable of ensuring a successful project.



Implement in two iterations each of few weeks. First iteration takes into account all inputs & covers all the outcomes. Second iteration covers exception cases, further validations & live runs.

This allows to observe the outcome with an actual process in real-time.


Fine-Tuning & Extension

This is often an overlooked area. Automation is not always a one-time activity. There will be changes in the data formats, the process and systems.

In this last phase, prepare change management plans & ensure the continued benefits of automation.

Typical Project Benefits

Atleast 30%

Manpower Savings

Increase of 50%

Resource Productivity

Gain of 20-50%

Service Improvement

Available 24 x 7

Throughput Increase

3-6 months

Self-Funding Point

Min. 2X in Year-1

Significant Payback

Consultation Services

Keeping in mind the needs of various clients, we also offer Automation Consulting services, where SARCI & the Client team evaluate the organization process as a whole and identify improvement opportunities to deliver a self-funding business case and implementation work plan. Key parameters include manpower savings, revenue productivity, service improvement, risk measures.

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