Just evaluate the following questions.

  • Does the firm want to track costs, key performance indicators quickly
  • Would you want to respond faster to clients, upper management & other stakeholders
  • Are people bogged down by excessive paper work or data entry / excel form filling in any area
  • Is mid-senior management too busy to identify profit areas, wastage, deviations, trends

If your answer is 'Yes' to even one of the above points, we can definitely help.

The real question is whether there are identified pain points & why is the IT team not able to help. The answer most likely is that already existing initiatives are too time-consuming or just that fresh technology eyes are needed.

Furthermore, to fully leverage IT, an understanding of cross-functional working is essential. Our Multi-Skilled team have expertise in areas of Finance, Compliance, Technology, Operations, which are complementary to internal resources across any business function. Our cross-functional workshop to discover automation areas & the resulting RoI may surprise you with its results.

We take phase-wise approach with,

  • Phase I of Workflow Analysis
  • Phase II, Implementation
  • Phase III, Trials & Fine-Tuning
  • Each phase is typically 2-4 weeks each carrying a fixed price. On successful deployment, recurring license & other charges may apply.

    Standard templates for Business Process Mapping, Benchmarking, Voice of the Customer and similar methods are followed during & post the implementation.

    This also involves understanding Org. Structure, Roles, Info. Access and similar areas.

    Our shop-floor to boardroom style of working ensures all stakeholders are aligned towards the success of the project.

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