The basic adoption of digital initiatives starts with the need to systemically ensure that the core commercial process of a company is interlinked and business controls are built-in. This is an absolutely essential step as the collation of data for various reporting can then come from a reliable source.

SARCI FinOps platform are a set of pre-configured core workflows that are absolutely required in any company. It interfaces the financial controls with all basic operations and together with built-in reports & BI extensions, the solution gives a quick and easy path to adopt industry standard procedures and gather reliable structured data for empowering further growth.

The core Workflows involve multiple departments, requiring different individuals and disparate functions. These people and functions will all need to get their part right and completed within a timely fashion in order to ensure the process runs smoothly to completion. More often than not, the successful and efficient completion of this process has an impact on the business – usually in a financial sense.

The SARCI-FinOps solution includes extensions for automated data entry, time driven events, validation that may be required in a specific context.

Given below are the Workflow Components that can be used both Standalone as well as a Mirror Platform for specific needs.


  • Essential Management Practices built in
  • Financial Controls & Cost tracking through all operations
  • Plan, Operate, Measure all data quickly, with ease
  • Multi-level Reporting for Operations, Daily Management, Monthly trends & Boardroom meetings
  • Simple models for user roles, access that supports flexible org. matrixes, business rules
  • Self-learning masters configuration that allow only one true copy across all modules
  • Integrates with multiple Accounting software (e.g. Tally)
  • Mobile extensions for Reports
  • Available on Cloud or On Premise
  • Adopt modules as per current need & evolve steadily

Use Case

  • Monitor Funds & Budgets
  • End-End Process Traceability
  • Control Purchase
  • Rates Resource Utilization
  • Limit Wastage
  • Granular Tracking

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