The SARCI FinOps solution contains the critical modules required for the completion of a full sales lifecycle starting from the quote process, booking of sale order, work execution, invoice & despatch.

Each stage consists of additional steps such as approvals, document versions, scheduling, automated calculations for pending items, assignment to users and so on. Partial work completion, order fulfilment is also handled.

A key feature is the built-in ledger system that accumulates cost against each activity and its timeline to completion. This gives a live picture of all cost inputs, bottlenecks, material used, people involved across the life of a sale order execution.

Given below is an Example Workflow being followed for the quote-to-invoice process.


  • Quotations with Approval & Versions
  • Sale Order booking
  • Linkage to initiate production or job from sale order
  • Despatch based on multi-delivery locations
  • Request for Advances Sale Invoices
  • Stock Movement
  • Demand Plan to forecast sales

Use Case

  • Order Management
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Projects & Service
  • Outsourced Work Orders

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