SARCI FinOps provides a comprehensive procurement process starting from a 2-step Indent Approval Process to the actual issue of Purchase or Work Order. It allows for completely linking the source of expenditure & fully tracks the usage of materials, goods, services, resources ordered, procured through all the stages.

Configurable Rate Contracts towards the purchase of items based on city, supplier or type of material ensure the financial controls are already in place. Further insights into expenditure based on specific activities such as against a project, a sale or maintenance can be obtained.

Add-ons for handling paper-to-system, email/excel integrations make real-time updating, a simple task.

Given below is an Example Workflow of the various stages & interactions with the procurement cycle.


  • Sourcing & Consolidating Vendor Prices
  • Purchase forecasting based on needs
  • Indents raised from dept / sub-dept cost-centers
  • Purchase Orders raised from Rate Contracts or Ad-hoc
  • Approvals taken from authorized personnel
  • Recording of Goods Arrival & QC status
  • Processing of Vendor Bills

Use Case

  • Rate Contracts & Competitve Prices
  • BOM Procurement
  • Trading Replenishment
  • Material for Research & Education
  • Job-Work Purchases
  • Spare Parts & Eng. Stores

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