Budgeting is a coordinated spending plan for a set of activities that expects maximum value at a predictable cost to the organization. The two primary types of budgets are zero-sum and line-item budgeting. Zero-sum budgeting emphasizes priorities and needs and is developed around what is projected rather than what has been funded in the past. Line-item budgeting shows the cost of all resources but is organized based on type of resource rather than priority.

From a budgeting standpoint, especially when budget cuts are a possibility or there is a need for justification, zero-sum budgets are more helpful.

SARCI FinOps implement calculations for Zero-Sum Budgeting workflows through the organization. Every activity that requires any expenditure is systematically tracked against budgets and cost-centres. In absence of configured budgets, actuals per month & trends are shown against the activity.

Given below is an Example Workflow that helps track the budget plan vs actuals.


  • Activity-wise Budgets
  • Allocation per Department
  • Company-wide Rollup
  • Linked to Expenses & Purchase Indents
  • Automatic Calculation on Budget Availability
  • Bottle-neck analysis
  • Performance evaluation Live Reporting
  • Email Alerts

Use Case

  • Quotation Process for Historical data
  • Maintenance Expenditure
  • Interal Expenses across Activities
  • Targeted usage of Grants, Loans
  • Audit Trail of Project Consultancies
  • Other Expenditure Practices

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