SARCI FinOps workflow for production comprises of several distinct components that are essential for both manufacturing and service complanies. These involve the work specifications, material required, the demand or orders, their incorporation into a production schedule, various activities, manpower needed, and a cost accounting feedback loop.

The Production & Service Definition is a key element that defines the stages, consumption & output, how to apportion the costs and various dependencies.

The work planning itself can be triggered either by a sale order or based on a demand plan. Further work-steps such as for resource assignment, line allocation, lot-wise manufacturing, work-orders, manpower used can also be recorded for granular cost of goods / services.

Given below is an Example Workflow of the various stages & interactions within the production cycle.



  • Work Definition (Process, Material, Components)
  • Continuous, Discrete, Assembly, Job-Work, Services
  • Production Plan & Control
  • Linkage to external Work-Order
  • Job-Work processing & WIP
  • Batch Assignment & Tracking
  • Built-in Stage-wise Costing

Use Case

  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Multi-Location Job-Work
  • Material Traceability in Finished Goods
  • Cost of Finished Goods

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