GST (goods & service tax) and similar Taxation Schemes requires the analysis of transactions, reconciliation, application of business rules along with various exemptions and inclusions as per law. The above activities being repetitive in nature, lends itself naturally to automation.

SARCI FIN-Drills collates purchase, sales and other transactions, reconciles these against various statements and finally applies pre-configured rules such as for exports, composite schemes, input credit, reversals and many other criteria. Finally the data itself is submitted in the necessary format which is easy to submit into the required tax or relevant portal.

Available in consultation with our Partner CA & ICS Firms

Given below is an Example of the parameters being captured for deriving the GST Tax Payable.


Consolidate from multiple ERP, Sources
Classify based on HSN, Place of Supply
Reconcile Input & Output Credit
Check for Composite Schemes
Adjust with Debit & Credit Notes
Apply Reverse Charge Mechanism
Multiple submission format for ready filing
Store as templates for repeated usage

Use Case

Multi-Subsidiary Rollup
Consolidate from multiple ERP, Sources
Distributed Job Work
Multi-State Warehousing
Projects, Construction Taxation
Export Services

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